Your health. Your goals. Your journey. It’s all about you.

Objectif Santé Minceur is a professional consultation service that helps you take your long-term health and wellness into your own hands. This is not just weight loss. This is a complete, structured (yet gentle) lifestyle change!

Bucking the trends of fad diets that keep your weight yo-yoing and potentially damaging your health, Objectif Santé Minceur takes a more holistic and restorative approach by reworking your nutrition, increasing your physical exercise and improving your overall wellness.

Rather than embark on radical regimens that don’t stick and discourage people from achieving their goals, we use the sound research and rigor of science to jumpstart your weight loss journey. After analyzing the information that you have provided using one of our questionnaires, a nutritional consultant will contact you for an appointment.

Depending on your needs, schedule and preference, we offer two types of programs: in-person and online. But rest assured! No matter what program you opt for, we’ll help you lose weight safely and keep the weight off for good! The length of the program depends on the amount of weight you need to lose, your current lifestyle, day-to-day reality, and personality. We make sure to tailor our program so that it is just right for you!

To get started, contact us today for our in-person programs or get started with our online services.