Our in-person programs are effective and safe. During your first visit, you will fill out a personalised questionnaire that will cover all aspects of your health: current lifestyle, medical history, food habits and more. We’ll also take pictures of you so that we can monitor your progress: seeing is believing!

For in-person consultations, your consultant will use the innovative BiodyXpert bioelectrical impedance device to scan your body to glean vital data on your current state of health, including your BMI, fat levels, muscular and bone mass, and much more.

Thanks to our scientific analyses, your consultant will know exactly what aspects of your body, nutrition and lifestyle need a rebalance. Your consultant will provide a customized and practical weight loss program that best suits your body’s needs and day-to-day reality. The process is structured so that you never feel overwhelmed and gradually change your lifestyle habits. Our ultimate goal? We want you to achieve weight loss goals—and remain healthy for a long, long time!

If you are committed to fostering positive change in your life, get started with Objectif Santé Minceur today! Contact us for more information!