Objectif Santé Minceur is the brainchild of Anne-Marie L’Heureux, a highly-trained nutritional expert. She has received high-calibre professional training from internationally renowned institutions in Switzerland and Belgium. With a specialized university degree in physical education, health and biomechanics, Anne-Marie has a proven eight-year experience in the field of nutrition and health education. She also has received training in health management and naturopathy, for which receipts can be issued.

Anne-Marie’s approach to weight loss focuses on healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes. For in-person consultations, she also leverages the power of sophisticated scientific analysis, using the revolutionary BiodyXpert bioelectrical impedance solution, to develop a tailor-made health and weight loss program for each client.

Her dedicated and supportive approach makes the road to wellness easy and accessible to all types of people with a variety of health goals. Contact her today or get started with Objectif Santé Minceur’s program now!